Eternal Value

What is value!? How could we sustainably supply them to an unlimited number of people consistently? Values are things that mean something to someone, things which expresses either release from an unbearable strain or the introduction to new sets emotional transformation for an individual.

More importantly how do we demand money in exchange of giving the person undeniable value?

We could put in the ingredients of infinite value to be:
Moral, ethics & honesty. The golden rule of doing unto others as how you would like thing to be done to you.
It has to be ubiquitous.exchangeable,redeemable ideally at any given time without any hassle, trouble or time consuming burdens.
It has to have tremendous aesthetics, an inherent sense of beauty, elegance and simplicity.

The new market has to be aware when it is using the machiavelli mindset while trading. There shouldn’t be any sense of psychological manipulation.
If you trick your customers into buying your flimsy product with an unmatching price sooner or later you would be tricked into buying flimsy products from your suppliers which irrevocably will create a weak and bogus economy.

To establish a reliable market area a vendor has to initiate an innovative culture, it has to establish a standard of giving that starts not with better product or cheaper price. All it needs is an attitude and a belief to be in a state of resilience while servicing your clients to fight for their best and be unbiased or to have any form of favoritism.


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