Keep making mistakes.


Breaking through a barrier set up by our own psychology is an insidious act of a tremendous degree. Identifying our mistakes takes courage, focus and most of all earnest humility. You cant see what your ego hides.

Tracking down your vulnerability is a tough call, your mistakes almost rubs down its own tracks. Before we can offer solutions, we need to identify the symptoms. So how do we recognise our flaws with pin point accuracy?

Simple, ask someone else who hates you to find your faults. Kidding, you sit down contemplate on your success, pleasure yourself through all your achievements until you have your well being fully restored. Now negotiate with yourself that okay you’re not God you cant be perfect, so what is it that makes you un-perfect?

Stop write it down:
1. I talk too much when i know i should be listening.
2. I am hardheaded and don’t take criticism well.
3. I sleep too much when i know i should be working out and eating healthy.

Once you have three work on those first, practice on getting it handled. Tackling new issues as they come. Learn that mistakes come to you initially hiding lessons that you wont recognise unless you exchange your ego with humility.


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