A journey Home

I long for the horizon where journey meets destiny, its a place where nothing is said but nothing gets left untold where for once i no longer need to be rushing and working, where all that would be required of me is to express a proud long-stretch of victory on the beds of clouds while enjoying the mellow and soft melodious harps by the young and cheery angels who celebrates singing songs of triumph.

All of us deserves such extraordinary dreams where it impels us towards the future, dutifully strengthening our hopes and asserting our will. Off course my language are the barriers to your imaginations, create such visions for they shall inquire a deeper satisfaction and a more profound reality. Philosophy could be made useful to conjure up notions where matters could not be physically observed. Dreams, hope, love, god what objects could represent such ideals?

Such ideals however could only be symbolized by us, the mere mortals. That is why being human is so much enviable, as we have the capacity to assume infinite possibilities of forms, traits, characters and acts. We have choices, decisions, and options. Where no other choices are offered to the rest of us. Isn’t it a miracle when we understand this privilege offered to us?

As we come to recognize our tasks in creating value for as much lives as we possibly can we begin to believe again, we start to clear the meadows of sorrows away and embrace the gentle light walking faithfully towards it. No matter how far it would require, how tough the journey that may lie ahead, let us refuse to quit, for we have gone too far to turn back and have arrived so near from our destination. No matter how gigantic the obstacle that challenge us let them know this; that they may torment the depths of our soul, they may sore our prides, they may even inflict upon us permanent scars. But they can never stop us from our destiny, We will go home.


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