The Evolution of Thought

Men lie dormant in his key thoughts. It is only by words that we change and re-establish our self-concept. We are amazingly obnoxious when put against facts and ‘dangerous’ data. Here’s what I mean, a few centuries ago somewhere in the 1500’s we believed that the earth was at the center of the universe. Well thanks to Copernicus (On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres 1543) he gave us a kind nudge to direct us to a new reality.

Arthur Schopenhauer described a three stage process that men go through before accepting any reality as “The-Truth”. First It is ridiculed—> It is violently opposed—> Accepted as self-evident.

We like to lie safely upon fables of our predecessors. While it may have served us well to act on our impulses about 30000 years ago during our Cro-Magnon years. Let’s face it, now being primitive no longer serves us as well as it did back then. Unless you’re in a war or if you’re married which we’ll talk about later if we have time.

Fast forward to about 1923, Edwin Hubble discovered what was thought to be floating gases the “spiral nebulae” were actually galaxies.

“What could all these information mean to me?” you ask. Nothing, if your life is already perfect. If you’re planning on broadening your perspectives than I bid that you lay aside all prejudices and see with an eye sincerely seeking for whatever that lies ahead.

The mind works like a puzzle in which organization of facts and data leaves room for efficiency and pro-activeness. Clear thinking gives us ability to discern and weigh our options accurately. Much clear thinking can be found in solitude or upon deliberate calming of the mind with minimum distractions

Remember, you must learn to do before you can do to learn. The warrior needs to master his emotions and mind before he can make full use of his weapons. We need theories to short-cut unnecessary mistakes and to be well informed about the do’s and do-not’s but no matter how brilliant you can be at locating the shortest-route you still need to move!

Well here we are left with a choice, critical indeed. You could choose to ‘stay-that-way’ or select a new outlook. A formation of distinct patchwork to organize an accurate reality without judgments, self-interests or agendas. Whatever your decision, you can count fully that it will reflect in your material, mental and emotional possessions in the extent of its quality and quantity.


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