Kindness is a virtue


Self-sacrifice is a tough word for most of us because it implies a savage blow to one of our most vital organ; our Ego. Considerably, it is hard to subordinate our own self interests in exchange for another stranger’s well-being, but maybe we should consider a dose of compassion-pill when attempting such act as it requires a gracefully empathic attitude. Simply put, for now trust in your heart with what you know, but understand later that what you believe you shall prove.

-Why is it that every time when we anxiously await a so called “test” we become crazy almost waiting for it to arrive? And when we finally make it across we grin at ourselves for thinking so.-


– Why does it almost feel as if the time we feel most in control is when we faithfully accepted our fate, and the time when we totally lose it is when we try to grab anything we can just to survive. –

“The mind has you by the balls and the balls have you by the mind”.

The only thing we need to focus on is our core, the place where we are all one, where our most potent source could be harnessed from and channeled into what we believe is necessary. And with God’s guidance work our way across with patience and perseverance passing through every adversity and obstacles and making it out as a better person.


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