My Break-Through


Life is period of time where we sort our realities, lay behind our grudges and put aside our inconveniences. In what limited amount of time we have let us unite our passions clarify our visions and have faith again in our dreams.

Life has a funny way of messing with what you think is ‘The Truth’. The moment you make up your mind that your gonna lay on the ropes about anything, that’s when you get the knock-out punch. But, if you keep your thoughts open and receptive on learning and growing you’ll be the one in control of the match.

“Life is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what your gonna get.” Forrest Gump.

Be kind, not for anyone else but for your own good. If you cheat, the penalty unhesitatingly will bring you your share of deceit. Raise and elevate your awareness in this universe, find that source within you that seeks peace, harmony and truth. Your actions grows out of your intentions, its the thoughts you have about everything.

Claim your share of whatever you want of life, all there is to rely upon is you. If you haven’t the faintest notion of care about your life no one else will. Fools are those who rely on others to tell them who they are. The act of you reading this proves without the slightest doubt that you are creating worth and meaning in other people’s life.

Don’t give in, your heart is your true compass. The moment you stop trying you start failing. When you start to F.A.I.L it means you need to; Find Another Interesting Lesson.

Keep marching forward, Your destiny awaits you.


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