Nature is beautiful.

An essence that emanates harmony, a quality which attractively charms an act which radiates beauty.
A flower is beautiful not because of the chemical elements or the atomic parts of its structure but because of the nature that it represents about your own inner beauty.

How empty and lonely life is when you take reality and science to be the only truth. Things will all be literally seen as just revolving and vibrating energies. You probably will observe everything as waves and particles nothing better than the other yet each serving its own purpose.

If that rings a chord and strikes a bell…
🙂 the other way round would be more appropriate wouldn’t it?

Our hearts tell us every moment that all we are and all that we have been is in direct proportion to our thoughts, deeds and conduct. The angels really do appreciate our virtues, kindness and sincerity.
Nothing can make you or break you except your own self-suggestions. If you are kind in your being your conscience shines clear, vivid and exact. If you can’t accept criticism from others how intolerable do you think it would be to get your own inner-voice schooling and nagging you 24/7 for the chance that you hesitated to offer that slight change to the homeless person.

Why live a dreadful life when abundance has always been your divine right, when kindness your state of being, when truth your highest character? Hasn’t it been clearly stated that God only wants you to be happy with what you are. How many other prophets would you require to recognize this inherent truth, this universal right, this ultimate privilege, You are to be happy!

“Come to the lord for he invites you to be happy and gentle with your fellow creations, thank and appreciate them for we have been kind and gentle towards you.”


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