Own your life and be happy.


The shore of the lake emanates the still tranquility of the devout essence, the trembling laughter of the mighty beast. What we think is real is only a speck of the absolute. Why should we be obsessed with outcomes when the purpose of living is to enjoy the now, not delay the present? Most of us prefer to wait before taking it all in, we would rather wait for the big salary at the end of the month or for the dream car before practicing a truthful, integral and courageous life.

If you think about it nothing just happens, it takes consistent brave, willful, devoted action, focused and directed towards a clearly and vivid imagination of the ideal of which we would like for ourselves.

Be quiet, be still, be inactive, rest, don’t move a muscle, slow down your heart beat, deliberately stop being fearful and start being fearless realize that if you can see yourself as courageous then there is hope for you.

Find your spirit within, inquire your doubts, shout at your fears, stare the darkest shadows and let them know that they can scare the hell out of you but if you make your stand nothing can move you, nothing can take you off your center, nothing can disturb the stillness within, the Dharma of your existence.

Pray, think joy, breathe love, stay close to the creative essence, don’t lose faith in your dharma, be confident with your unique color, you are your own most precious currency, there is not a single soul in the universe which are your exact replica,  everyone is absolutely unique in their own existence. Own this truth, claim it, be fearless, but also be humble.

Humility is the greatest of all virtues, Allah (swt) knows everything and yet still he is not boasting his knowledge to anyone; then why do you think you deserve to show off your tiny and almost non existential bit of 10101001101 binary bit of information?

Remember what’s important is being willing to take the blows, be in pain, anguish even humiliation but never back down you should learn and integrate but never ever let your eye off the score.

What is the score? It is your own unique symphonic musical piece.

“Don’t die; with your music still in you.”

Wayne Dyer

Be do be do be do be do be do!

I’m not just being silly here, learn, make mistakes, learn, make mistakes, learn, make mistakes, learn, make mistakes, learn, make mistakes and still keep on learning and making mistakes because nothing is perfect there is only the state perfection.

As for now I think this would be enough, own your life, and play it your own 100% and let us all play our own musical piece in this universal orchestra and let us be divine!


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