The Heart Speaks

Dear GodI’ve never really written a personal letter to you. But, here it is a humble letter from your faithful subject.
God a.k.a Allah, I thank thou for thy kind and generous gesture. You have taught me to love my brothers as much if not more than my own selfish interests. In return, I only wish to express my solemn gratitude. I know I have yet to prove any of my promises to you, my friends, my family even myself. But trust me, as great as you have designed and manifested my existence, I will pray to you with unending devotion

God, please grant me conviction in my faith. For I have longed to be free as the open skies, singing tunes and melodies of my enthusiastic heart. You have always been my one and only Idol, the only one I’ve never felt guilty of worshiping. Bless my soul again, teach me my music, teach my heart to willingly embrace love, and let me be a significant piece of your mercy.

God please live and breathe through my soul, think my thoughts, believe my faiths, enlighten by thy wisdom. Knowledge is really nothing without your guidance.

Thank you for being my god.


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