The Tao of the Soul


I want to feel like a bird, flying through the gentle breeze in the proud open sky. I want to glide like a flying squirrel knowing i will fall but still try anyway. Harmony is in us all that is how we come to understand and intuitively feel each other. I wish i could describe it easily how it will all end, I don’t even know for sure how it all begin. We love to take religion for granted. we think that if our parents go to heaven we’ll end up the same place or at least somewhere not Hell-istic. If only i could be more mature in my thinking.

Its cool when we can have a helicopter view once in a while, seeing ourselves being so serious about things we’ve never encountered.I come across a biography of a key figure in the late 1700’s Sir George Washington i am amazed how he spearheaded and led his men into independence through perseverance and courage. Then i thought about Andrew Carnegie how he paved his way through poverty transforming himself into becoming one of the wealthiest man ever. Then i cant help but to look up to my own Ex-Prime minister Tun Mahathir who single-handedly led the Malays out of poverty, at least the willing ones. These men were not directed by any religion they were led by their own vision they were men of courage each bearing an inner wisdom guiding them through adversities and disappointments, which oddly enough is readily available to all of us.

Lao Tzu the old man who lived 2000 years ago in china tells us of Wu the state of nothingness, emptiness, non-existent. If you cant Wu yourself you cant woo anyone else. Thirty spokes of wheel only by the center of wu could the wheel rotate. Like you and i we need to practice being selfless and reverent. Only by allowing our weaknesses can we invigorate our strengths. So, Nothing really is greater than everything.

How i thank and cherish the plan of this great universe, we can all choose whatever view-point we like but until we learn to recognize how truth appears not in forms and shapes but as virtues and kindness do we understand how such glory whispers now within our hearts.


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