What is the meaning of your life?


Our lives are filled with opportunities, a chance to choose; a choice to make a difference.

Although you might think that your dreams appear a bit too out-of-reach for now. Think about the time when you felt that nothing was going to work, anything you did backfired on you and all you would ask for was for the snowball to roll on the other side. And what happened? the tides actually did turn and what you sought after you discovered.

I believe that all of us possesses a deep inherent need to believe in something, some ‘meaning’ful event, or perhaps an answer that could explain all the things that have happened to us.

“As you dream you’ll instinctively follow.”

No one can prove for certain the cause of our being here. Philosophers have tried to come up with theories upon theories to explain the paradox of our existence. “Why are we so different from each other at the same time how can we be so identical?” It is interesting how God communicates with us.

Have a direction in life for goodness sake, if you don’t you’ll miss out big time!

Give what you have so that you may grow and give more until you are satisfied that; God provides to those who provides for themselves first and then for others.

Your Choice is to live now and contribute all your God-given talents, opportunities and capabilities. So now there really is a cause for you. If you get this, than i feel most fortunate to be able to pass over this ‘scroll’ to you.


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