5 Steps to Dream The Right Way.


“Life is about the amount and quality of dreams you can create.”

Have you ever wondered why all of the success stories that you heard before seem hard for you to see it happening to your own life.

Think of a time when u had those powerful urges to realize your highest potential. If you haven’t had one, this the time for you start fueling the little embers beneath your dreams.

 Your dreams are the formation of your longing and wanting all that you ever wanted ever since you were young up to this moment. Gather and focus these energy into a more powerful desire that can triumph over any objections or any ridicule.
 5 Steps For You to Dream The Right Way:

1. If you can dream it you can make it happen.

The mind is a laboratory for you to invent, craft, design and put together ideas that have never been created in the time span of a galaxy. Don’t hold back even the tiniest quarks, spell out your greatest imagination, dictate the power vested in you by your creator and imagine what it would be like to create a better world with your own unique form of contribution.

2. Start now and build upon it as you go.

It is never too late to start or never to early to make a difference.  Like a ship a dream needs to go through stages before it can be set to sail. It has to be designed and engineered on paper before the production can even start. Build it in your mind, and the rest of the team will come.

3. Learn from the best and teach others.

If you already have a general sense of how your dreams of contribution will manifest, find out which leaders of industry are pioneering your department. Learn from them, study what had brought them to where they are, what their vision of the future is like and how they have made a difference in this world with their unique ability. Be a student of excellence.

4. Make mistakes to learn.

The most valuable lesson on earth can only be learned by those who have paid the price. Adversity is the token that life hands over to us for us to redeem wisdom and virtue from. A dream is a dream until life chisels it out for you with hardship and difficulties. Take it a step at a time and any mountain becomes a hike away.

5. Be the first of your kind.

Only dream if you can be devoted to your dreams. Do not betray your soul, it takes a life-long commitment to make a worthy dream happen. Be something the world have never thought of, invent an object the world had never seen and do something that no soul before you have the courage to do. This is the ALXSLife.

“If people tell you no, it is because of their perceived fear, find out what it is about the thing that makes them cringe if you were to go over their wall of no’s.  It can only be of two reasons, for fear or for love.”

Todays ALXS practice:
1. Find out a quiet spot, a garden a lake preferably anywhere close to nature.
2.  Silence your thoughts and calm your mind of all desires that are speaking for you to gratify its desires.
3. Observe a plant or a tree anything in nature and contemplate how it is peacefully existing and serving its purpose by providing oxygen or simply by displaying beauty.
4. Take a note of what you can learn from that moment, maybe you learn that you need to spend time in nature more or maybe that peace is an eternal resource that can be tapped by any being.
5. Dream your gifts, and imagine the new world you are capable of creating.

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