Happiness vs Pleasure

Money is important in so many ways, it moves us in the direction of our liking.
Without money things get a bit tougher we have more friction to handle.
Is money a determinant of happiness? In a lot of ways No!

Pleasure and happiness both have different implications on our satisfaction scale.
A father who works all his life to get his child into college and see him graduate feels a very different kind of happiness to a lottery winner who had just bought a brand new ferrari. Hard-work, commitment, belief and consistency are all real forms of value.

Think of the happiest moment in your past where it filled you with so much joy and love. Did it involve a huge ampunt of money for that little bliss.
I feel sorry if it actually did, this post was probably not meant for you then:)
If it does not than you are like most normal people out there.

Happiness and pleasure should be categorized accordingly, a poor man could be happy with what he humbly posseses although he may not be able to experience the amount of pleasure a rich man has. On the other hand the rich man can never his guarantee happiness by having more money building up in his bank account. Happiness and pleasure should be mutually exclusive, if you have one there’s no guarantee that you have the other.

It all comes to us to start believing that the things we do matter in the life of other people. That would infuse us with passion, satisfaction and contentment that can fill the cup of happiness and satisfaction to the brim. If we have not yet discovered what that work is we should start seeking out the definition of our purpose in life.

Discover Your Life Purpose!

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2 thoughts on “Happiness vs Pleasure

  1. I agree. It’s about finding happiness where you are now. If you can’t find it now, you’re unlikely to find lasting happiness, however much money or material possessions you have.

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