8 Ways to Touch A Heart.

Two_left_hands_forming_a_heart_shape“The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.” 
― Blaise Pascal

You are unique. There are no souls that can even come close to your being. Why is that?

It’s your heart, your ability to feel and be moved by moments. The dictionary defines the heart as

“The vital center and source of one’s being, emotions, and sensibilities.”

In today’s post I shall present to you 8 simple ways how you can learn to touch a heart.

But before that, let me get into some reasons why we usually prefer to tune out and not be present with another soul.

  • I don’t want any dramas.
  • No point of being present when I’m talking with a boring person.
  • Id rather be on autopilot than talk to Mr/Ms Know it all.
  • I’m satisfied with my surface-level pleasures.
  • Who are you? Should I bother? So Zip It!
  • Are you related in any way with Chuck Norris? So?funny-chuck_norris_picture

We blame everyone around us for not being authentic and real. Who’s to blame?

My point is to seek first to understand then to be understood. Thank You Stephen Covey.

If you want to touch another heart you’ve got to own a heart in the first place. Let me break it down for you:

  1. Find your Ultimate Life Purpose.  Here’s the thing. If you don’t already have a definite major life purpose there is almost zero chance for your hearth to breathe life. Napoleon Hill describes it as an essential success principles. With a life purpose you have all the right reason to communicate with your heart and inspire others to do the same. I made an in-depth ebook covering the topic. Amazon recently made it free but you can still get it for a bargain here.
  2. Embrace your soft side. I’m not telling you to go get your tightest, shiniest most fancy pink dress and flaunt it in front a massive crowd now. Although I would love to know what reactions you’ll get. All I’m asking for you to do is to root out the cause of putting up an invisible social shield when talking to strangers. Why are you hiding your uniqueness? Own it.
  3. Don’t give a damn what others think.“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
    ― Bernard M. Baruch
  4. Feel emotions with courage. It takes guts to feel with all your heart. Especially man has problems in this area. I myself am not too comfortable letting my tears flow in public. I have to commit to become brave in this department.
  5. Listen with your heart. Are you kidding? Who actually listens with their heart? I listen with my ears it goes in from one side to the other while I wait to craft my own ingenious response to your baffling statement. Listen to the facts and data but feel the source of emotion behind their words.
  6. Own your quirks. I feel stupid when I have to share my silly habits or faulty character. I guess it’s what makes us who we are right. Be comfortable with your ‘funny’ side and let it show.
  7. Focus on one topic at a time. Admit it sometimes when discussing a topic we are masters at we like to bombard our listeners with statistics, facts and data all at one time. KISS still applies here. Keep It Simply Spicy.
  8. Let other hearts touch you willingly. Do you feel guarded against hearing from people you hate? Me too! But here’s a secret. If you listen with your heart willingly your listeners will be mesmerized by your magical ability to touch their hearts.

Today is your day to touch another heart.

After reading this post go out and aim to talk to anyone you meet with this new mindset. Refer back to this post to practice and improve your skills.

Thank you for reading the post!


PS: For bloggers! Please comment below if you would like to feature your article in my next post.


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