How to Find Your Life’s Purpose: 5 Steps

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”
John F. Kennedy
The most valuable piece of information  throughout human history is only quantifiable to the extent at which it invokes change and pushes you to act differently than what you have habitually done.

It informs you the things that you could not have access to because of ideological or philosophical barriers. It talks  in a way that connects with you at a simpler yet profound level.

Act with instinct not with impulse. Disown your self (EGO) as how Gandalf the Grey did before he transformed himself into Gandalf the White by annihilating himself into the light of consciousness. ”You have no power here, Gandalf the Grey!” said Saruman through the possessed King Theoden.  Your consciousness needs to go through the process of rebirth giving itself to the infinite light. Only then  could you be liberated from your contrived self. Transforming you into an enlightened consciousness.

Act without any intentions.

Think of your soul as a bright light that could not be affected by any hazy or inconsistent emotion. It is there while you are sleeping, it was there before your earliest memories.

Grow your soul; it’s your truth. It is a unique formation of distinctive ideas that you alone throughout the cosmos can untangle and discover.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”
Robert Byrne

Take as long as you need; to read, meditate, pray and improve. But above all, remember that your main purpose is to organize these cluttered ideas aligning and assembling them so that you may comprehend the meaning of your existence.


When you carry this out you will have discovered that divine aspect of your identity.  And thus your journey of finding your purpose will come to its peaceful destination. Here are the 5 ways to guide you to find your calling:

1. Serve Relentlessly Well.
By giving your work your 100% you set a pact with yourself, that you will object and reject anything less than what you were made of. A soul true to its purpose will only seek to serve and give because its nature is infinite.

2. Look To Find Legends That Personify Your Ideals. Their stories are meant for you to emulate, if you have felt any inclination towards their myths. Tap into their insights, reach into their soul and try to capture their drive and their fortitude. If they can do it so can you, only better now that you’re reading this.

3.  Ask, Meditate And Pray. Your soul needs to be recharged for its force to be awakened. We are but a wave on the ocean, a ray of light from the sun, a planet in the galaxy. By asking, we put ourselves in our inherent state; subjugation to the source that we came from.  By meditating, we are able to witness the speck of dust harmoniously settling into its place, the calming of the trembled pond reflecting its azure-like depth. Only then can we see our souls as a reflection of that one source. By praying, we submit our will to our creator and attempt to repay our boundless debt of existence to our owner.

4.  Find ‘Like-Minded Souls. Every soul you meet is either suffering or growing, Stagnating or moving, but one thing for sure is that their existence can be a valuable lesson to if you ping them the right way. All you have to do is engage them by your self-less presence, if they respond with a display of hostility you have a lesson to learn here, but if they are subtly pinging you back with harmony than you have a spiritual network  awaiting you.

5. Always Give Back What You Have Received And More. When you have arrived at your destination help others get on their path. Teach them how you overcame your toughest challenges, how you managed to pull through your harshest moments. Show them your most valuable insights and practices that have caused you your  most massive transformation. As you give, so shall you receive.

“The secret of success is constancy to purpose.”  
Benjamin Disraeli

Today’s X-TRAORDINARY practice:

1. Take out a piece of paper with a sharpened pencil (a pen would be fine).

2. Imagine If you had all the resources in the world ; money, time, energy, creativity and love. What would you give to the people of this planet that no other soul could do it the same unique way that you could.

3. Take as long as you need to; carry the thought with you as a seed for a massive reaping in the future.  Write down the things you are able to give better than any soul on earth.

4. Take another piece of paper and write  My P.O.A (plan of action), below it  write down 20 years, and list 5 points next to it. Followed by 10 years with 5 points as well, 5 years  5 points and 1 year 5 points. If done right, you will have 20 POA’s that will guide you through your 20 year journey to practice your purpose in this world.

With your POA kept with you, synchronized through all your devices and carried in your wallet. You will expand that idea and grow it into something vividly real. Inevitably by God’s will your purpose will come to find you.

“The soul which has no fixed purpose in life lost; to be everywhere is to be nowhere.”
Michel De Montaigne



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