Thinking Great Thoughts

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris
The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A writer writes because he notices the imbalance of consciousness that he needs to leverage through the mastery of his word-creations. An architect constructs a concept of an ideal structure which he believes accommodates the needs of his relative customer. As most of you who are reading this, may i remind you that you truly are blessed because of your interest in knowledge, a certain kind.

Mr. Anderson had a stable lifestyle but an incongruent peace of mind. He lacks this ether which trinity became the answer later. While he was training in the Dojo with Morpheus he was made aware of this force inside of him but it was only a mere potential form, undeveloped and un-refined.

I did not intend to include this passage but it was included anyway. You may think of me as a fruitcake, trying to philosophize the obvious. But, has it conferred any benefit? Maybe not yet. It shall however reveal itself as clearly as the river stream flowing through the ankles of the enlightened one. One who has already owned a part of the puzzle literally gets-it!

A person who halts in his thinking disintegrates and suffocates. Thought was the reason we were given this prerogative to outsource our potentials, to claim what was rightfully ours this is where our beauty consists. The beasts naturally uncover its presence when we stop growing beauty. Unfortunately Farmville has not come out with the settings where if we’re to leave our farms unattended for a few days weeds start to grow to rot and to curse our farms.

What is thinking? How is it done? There are just two forms of emotions fear and love. Fear doesn’t exist by itself but is only present where love is absent. To think constructively is to think love, what benefits one must benefit all. Lao Tze in one of his verses of the Tao Te Ching describes love as having the vision of salvation to see the unity of everything. To overcome the biggest hurdle in reaching spiritual enlightenment is to let go of the concept of M.E. Aka My Everything. Anything which you claim to own you are withdrawing from the source and creating your own island where you are God and you are the All-powerful. It’s comforting and its definitely a guilty-pleasure, is it sinful? Let me explain.

When God created you, did he tell you why you were allowed to exist? To breathe, to love or to hate?
Yeah, obviously! He did tell me something… But wait… I totally had forgotten about it so I no longer care. Our job is to seek this answer, this ancient but ever-present whisper of truth.



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