41 Ideas to Instantly Launch You Towards Your Life Purpose!


  1. Your life purpose sets you apart from all the other souls on this planet.
  2. Think of an event that had inspired you to become your greatest self.
  3. Don’t try to think your purpose to reality, commit to serve humanity eventually you will find your best angle.
  4. Your life purpose will inspire you to turn the impossible into the probable.
  5. No one can withhold your rights for you to pursue this path, this is your prerogative.
  6. Life will begin to make sense and your learning cycle will have more meaning.
  7. Your destiny needs you to commit to live your highest vision of yourself starting immediately.http://www.thealxslife.com
  8. Imagination will be a tool for your soul to paint its plan, keep it relaxed and ready at crucial times.
  9. The mind needs for you to learn materials that will fill the steps towards your highest vision of yourself, make it a priority to learn about your field daily.
  10. If you stay true to your course, your aura will inspire others and enamor them with a certain charm.
  11. Never just wish for your purpose that would be a weak message sent to the universe but deliberately choose the thoughts will carry you closer to your dreams.
  12. The soul is your greatest form it is directly connected to the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and omnibenevolent universe.
  13. The only way to reclaim your soul is to negate your false sense of self, the self which thinks out of fear and not through faith.
  14. http://www.thealxslife.comFaith is the ether that connects our mortal mind to the immortal soul.
  15. Faith needs practice, it needs to be tested to be refined to its finest form.
  16. My task is to eliminate the barriers between your doubts and your unlimited potential, your job is to believe in your potential.
  17. Your life purpose is not some distant idea it is real, it is an attitude of faith away.
  18. Clear thinking is a daily practice, submit your consciousness to the ultimate reality and a path will be set out before you.
  19. Frustration and difficulty will come to test your resolve, firm up your beliefs and know that it will be well worth your patience.
  20. When in doubt, be simple. Your life purpose should be an easy target to conceive sometimes all it takes is a simple act of courage to get you there.http://www.thealxslife.com
  21. Act with the proper intention, continuously improve and never live half-past.
  22. Build your dreams with love and kindness, act on them with faith and resolve.
  23. Plan out your dreams daily, find a way to improve them and always learn things that could make them closer to your reality.
  24. Say no to distractions that will attempt to take you off course. Whether family, friends or loved ones. Excuse yourself, if they love you will understand eventually.
  25. Go the path that was never travelled, it was meant for you.
  26. To create miracles every day with a smile, a touch, a praise, playing an instrument, an inspirational tweet or a kind Facebook status.
  27. Slow down life’s best part is in the quiet moments, it’s between the gap that we find meaning.
  28. Connect the dots of your life by letting go of fear, hate judgements and welcome the feeling of love, joy and gratitude.
  29. Today is always your day to move closer to the accomplishment of your life’s purpose.
  30. Remember the time when you felt most significant in your life, if you can recall the sense of worthiness it gives you than the vision of your life’s purpose is within reach.
  31. Ask yourself whenever you can “How can I be significant in this world, how am I unique?”
  32. If life is valuable to you better make sure that it’s worth looking back upon. Live with the end in mind, plan a legacy up front.
  33. Love is the act of being brave while you are most vulnerable going after your life’s purpose.http://www.thealxslife.com
  34. Let go of bad memories, but always hang on to your best hopes for the future.
  35. The only judgement that counts is yours, make sure it’s as accurate as it should be.
  36. The road ahead will be long, uncertain, rough and confusing. Have a map ready, journal often and list out your goals to keep you on track. Have a compass, be true to your humanity.
  37. Consciously create a world where miracles happen daily, love flourishes endlessly and joy becomes proof that humanity still exists on this planet.
  38. Do great acts or do nothing, live with passion or die, play at world class or forfeit, there is no place for mediocrity in the league of extra-ordinary souls. The ALXSLife.http://www.thealxslife.com
  39. Your heart is a throne for love and its kingdom will never be harmonious until you live your life for the betterment of humanity.
  40. Never give up your dreams for the promise of security. When you do you just negated the divinity within you. Nothing can guarantee your security, don’t sell yourself false ambitions.
  41. Develop a state of mind of absolute resolve and determination to see your plans be put into action.



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