Life’s Most Profound Wisdom In A Cup Of Coffee

Coffee is a language in itself. Jackie Chan
Coffee is a language in itself.
Jackie Chan

Life is a lot like a cup of coffee. The Truth is in the espresso. The Coffee beans may come from different places of the world but they serve the same purpose to make delicious coffees. Our truth may come from different places but is has to be communicated to structure a happy life.

Too much truth can exhaust our mind. Too much coffee can cause insomnia. To speak your truth you need to balance the amount of intakes you have in a day. Read books in moderation. Don’t push it! I was reading an article which highlighted that hard work doesn’t translate to more rewards. Here: Does Hard Work Equal Success?

The milk is the people we choose to keep in our lives. Most of us have unconsciously choose to pour spoiled milk in our coffees. We tolerate our friends or families bad behaviors thinking that it wont affect the quality of our lives. Source your milk from the best farmers. Create and invent your social circles. Source them and work to maintain you’re relationships.

Milk and coffee must be matched at their ideal temperatures to get the finest lattes. Your identity must be in harmony with your truth. It must alleviate and resonate the characters of your social circles. We walk around daily and meet characters that interact with us in a way that highlights our identity.

Some people might be jerks to you even when you’re nice to them. Remember that no barista ever brewed their coffee perfectly the first time. The point here is to not pay attention to these jerks. They are simply there to improve your skills as a barista of life.

At the base of our character we have an ability to create or destroy. It’s a dam of energy. We can refer to it as the masculine or the feminine energy. Our ability to recognize the kindness and generosity of a person has a lot to do with relating to their feminine energy.  Force, dominance, determination and fighting to the last breath stance stems from our masculine aspect.

Your coffee mind you has somewhat similar dynamics. Some coffees are earthy, some rich & deep and some could be soft/mild. To judge a coffee you need to savor the flavor. Immerse yourself in the impression to capture its notes. It doesn’t really matter how you make your coffee. You might prefer a generic 3 in sachet. It’s alright as long as you know what you’re drinking.

Your main task is to get good at synchronizing your desires with your ambitions. At our very core i believe all of us have biological and primitive tendencies. The raw and sexual aspects of our nature. They are there as a vehicle for us to use and not be used.  Your car is not your destination similarly sex and love are not our primary destination as a human.

The mechanism behind constructing the perfect cup of coffee can be related to your life. Try to watch this video with a new lens. Watch it as if Lizzy is talking to you about the secret of life.

The primitive drive must be trained to catapult our actions in the face of our ambitions.  What you need to speak you must communicate clearly. You might not have all the answers to preach yet. It doesn’t matter speak like a moss code. Dictate deliberately in short concise language.

Speak your truth and enjoy your coffee!

PS: Recommend the best coffee you had in your life. Share the details. I might want to put it on my Coffee wish list.

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