Screw School! EBook Promotion

Dear VIP readers,

as some of you are probably aware I have recently published my latest EBook on It has been an absolute pleasure and adventure finishing it. It took me a good 6 months to compile, write and edit the materials thoroughly.  It took a lot of hard thinking, creative writing and research to communicate the problems that students are facing in our school system

I invite you to take advantage of a secret promotion I’m running for three days only. Free ebooks from 09-11 October 2013. Grab the opportunity and click here. Unfortunately you have to register yourself on Amazon before they allow you to download my e-book I know bummer right! I guess that’s as best free gets you 🙂

Here’s an excerpt from the e-book that you’ll get to read later:

Book Cover

Table Of Contents

7 Elements Of Genius
7 Elements Of Genius


Conversation WIth Your Potential
Conversation WIth Your Potential
How to Create Value?
How to Create Value?

I look forward to your awesome reviews. Catch you later VIP Friend.

Omar Al-Attas



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