To Be Kind or To Be Rich?

happiness-v-researchersI admit it, I’m scared. I fear that my imagination will make itself real. There is no end. I want to be good at things but sometimes my doubts holds me back. I aspire to help the world in my own way. I know it takes guts, a bold decision maybe something superhuman even. But what is it? Whats the idea that I need to discover to start my super life?

And if the idea arrives will I know what to do with it? Would it be the right time? What next? What needs to happen for me to make the perfect move? Does practice really make perfect?

Persistence is a repetitive theme in any self-help book. It takes hard work, practice and wisdom to grow success. If it happens over-night it’s not for me. I want my success to be the fruit of years of hard work and labor.

I know mistakes will hurt me but could they actually happen for a reason? Is there an idea behind my clumsy behaviors? Could it be an insight to wield accuracy and focus? Don’t let heartaches and pain fool you. Embrace it then move on.

Success is being with those that matters most to me. Doing what I can to be present and available at my best. Nothing means more to me than spending time with those I care and love. I try to tell myself the reason I wake up early and work hard is to make things easier and pleasant to those I care about.

The next step for success for me is to be bold and head in the face of uncertainty. Knowing that I’m in this for love. I work to make the world a better place for everyone else. The good, the bad and the ugly. All of these people are here whether I choose to be kind or to be selfishly rich.


Why be kind? Kindness soothes my soul. It makes my day a little better. Meanness is a temporary boost to my ego. It makes me take a little more space, puff my chest a little more and feel strong for a minute or two.

Don’t you think its wiser to pick kindness? I don’t mind being mistaken for a weakling for an act of kindness then to be known as a scumbag for my rudeness. Why don’t we make this world a bit better with this gesture?

I maybe the only one with this idea  today but I could be the X in the equation.

The one reason that everyone needs to cause sustainable chance of goodness.

happinessMaybe just maybe one day when we wake up we get to witness paradise on earth not of material possessions but of humanities’ kindness.

To kindness,


Omar Al-Attas


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