The Secret to Conquer My 3 Fears

Before I let you in on my secret lets just sit back and inhale a simple truth.

You and me we will die whether we like it or not no escaping that, Im sorry but I cant bedazzle that truth for you.

However I can help you to realize one thing though. Its that you have an opportunity to make a conscious choice

A simple one really, to choose courage over cowardice.

To choose the unknown over the known.

To trodd along a path undiscovered.

To be aware of dying is to liberate your mind to make better choices. Time is ticking, tick-tock.

I fear death too, I know one day I will return to nothingness the void the reality above all.

Whatever you choose to believe is of your own. My sole purpose to write this post is to align with you that we share the same purpose.

We are about to ignite a movement.

A cult of unbreakable ideas revolving on one simple truth. 

“To discover how each of us can serve the rest of us.”

My intention is to grow this awareness one tweet at a time. This is not the day of reckoning but let it be the introduction a catalyst if you prefer to an inevitable change.

Whether you choose to follow or not its not my concern. The morse code has been sent.

Ill keep my part of the bargain my 3 biggest fear and my wish to conquer and overcome them before I die:

  1. To touch a toad
  2. To Make peace with my enemy.
  3. To Jump out of an airplane with a chute.

Any questions? tweet me @omaattas.

Ill talk to you soon, till our next post.

Omar Alattas


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