About Us

Out of all that I do, I keep prodding myself to establish whether I am giving my best, and yes, that is the way to a purposeful living.

The ALXSLife Purpose, the key to an objective life: Living your life to the fullest and reaching to the point of self actualization is every one’s dream, yet our contribution to the general advancement towards this dream improves, not only our achievements, but also of the people around us.

When you have retired to a life of boredom, predictability and mediocrity, you begin to see your dreams dwindle, plans collapse and future hazy. If that sentence describes you, then ALXSLife Purpose is your answer. A company founded on the principle of supporting and encouraging individuals to stand up and keep the horizon; to live a life of courage, wisdom and to choose the best in all their undertakings.

Our principal goal is to help emancipate the minds of individuals who are tied to a non progressive life of low self esteem, uncertainty and ignorance. A life well lived is a life of purpose, with target and an urge to accomplish a feat that will leave a mark in the lives of the people around us.

The Company’s rationale is to provide the most in-depth education system for people to realize their potential in an enabling environment. Our focus is to develop an education system that unearths hidden talents and nurtures them through mentorship programs and to institute structures that are friendlier to the student; a system that supports their individual and collective growth.

Through the use of our training tools including eBooks, podcast and video programs we are continually raising the awareness of the need for people to seek out goals that uniquely tick with their lives.

ALXSLife Purpose seeks for convergence of opinions, promote innovations for a prosperous society where every individual enjoys their levels of importance.

We remain focused: To realize a dynamic and progressive system, we have to remain alert to our fundamental conviction that to fully realize one’s potential, the environment has to be conducive and supportive of the course. It therefore means that we have to provide the right tools for the team that has come forth to pursue a particular dream. At this point we also look at our intentions, our conduct as individuals for what we do greatly influence people’s decisions and lives.

Founder and CEO

The founder, Habib Omar Bin Syed Hussien is an accomplished marketer  and author who has been able to unearth his potential and personality and therefore propelled to help others live their lives objectively. He is the author of the highly acclaimed book, How To Discover Your Life Purpose In 21 Days, which underlines how an individual can give their lives meaning, how to collect one’s self and begin to make the right steps towards a brighter future.

Habib is a wide reader who loves discovering himself and the people around him. Out of his drive to discover more, he participated in The Ultimate Success Summit in 2010. A summit conducted Anthony Robbins & Sir Richard Branson.


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